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Love NW6

Yes, yes, we all love NW6. This is hardly news, I’ll grant you that. But it’s still plain lovely to hear people say as much.

Well, over at Camden Council, they love NW6 so much that they asked photo supremo Jack Latimer to produce a series of videos  showing the world just how great it is around here. A smug Youtube pat on the back, basically.

The videos are a good 18months old, but their message is as true today as ever it was. Just take a look at these happy chappies and chappettes talking up our ‘hood.

Love Kilburn

And while you’re at it, Love West Hampstead


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Hampstead & Kilburn: the movie

I’m sure you don’t need reminding that our new constituency of Hampstead & Kilburn is one of the most marginal in the country, and a key election target for all three major parties. You’re no doubt having to wade through piles of propagandist leaflets each morning as you step out of your front door, only to be met by groups of chirpy campaigners, firing further leafleted ammunition at you. It’s a jungle out there, but you are not alone.

Nathan Williams is an award-winning freelance TV producer, working on shows including Horizon and Battlefield Britain. More importantly, of course, he also happens to be a proud Kilburn resident. As such, he has turned his experienced hand to producing a short video about Hampstead & Kilburn, with the sole intention of giving you, the confused voter, a clear picture of the current voting situation in the constituency. In Nathan’s own words, “I made the film out of exasperation at the seemingly incompatible claims I kept getting through my letter box so I thought I’d find out the truth.” I reckon he’s done a mighty fine job of it. See for yourself:

To find out more about Nathan’s work, or to get in touch with him, just visit his website. You can also follow Nathan on Twitter.


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