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Kilburn: Plaque to the future

Look, we’ve all seen Mitchell and Webb sauntering up and down the High Road, lording over us with their fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. But did you know that other men- and women-of-note lived in our fair corner of London before them?

Well, you might have guessed. I mean, statistically it’s quite likely.

So you’ll be pleased to learn that there are people out there who want to celebrate this fact, by putting up plaques acknowledging that some pioneer or other once resided in what is now probably a pound-shop or maybe a bookies.

The first of these green plaques – green being the new blue – to go up in Kilburn is to commemorate the fact that AA Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, was born in Henley House.

Unfortunately, Henley House itself is no longer there, but Remsted House stands proudly in its place, and will bear [<— intentional] the plaque in Henley’s honour.

open plaque remsted house kilburn: aa milne

The grand unveiling of the new plaque will take place today, Monday October 11th, at 4pm. AA Milne’s grandaughter Clare will be in attendance, along with Michael Brown, chairman of the Pooh Properties Trust. If you can’t make it along today, then look out for it in future.

Remsted House is on the corner of Kilburn Priory and Mortimer Place.


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