Election 2010

Much has been published on this blog, as well as others in the local blogosphere, about the upcoming general election. And so, for your reading pleasure, below are arranged, from newest to oldest, all the posts relevant to the exciting 2010 election battle here in Hampstead & Kilburn. After all, there’s nothing like a good archive (and this is nothing like a good archive).

Election aftermath – results and reflection

Interview: Ed Fordham – We come full circle, with Lib Dem PPC Ed Fordham talking to @WHampstead

Living in a marginal – one day before polling opens, local resident and blogger, Eoghan, weighs up the options in Hampstead & Kilburn

Interview: Chris Philp – @WHampstead’s next victim is Tory PPC Chris Philp

Guest Blog: ‘Why I’m voting for… Chris Philp’ – Tory supporter on Chris Philp, The Wire, and much more

Interview: Glenda Jackson – Labour PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn, conducted by @WHampstead

Guest Blog: ‘Why I’m voting for… Tamsin Omond’ – guest blogger explains why she’s supporting Tamsin’s march To The Commons

Guest Blog: ‘Why I’m voting for… Glenda Jackson’ – Labour supporter on why he’ll be voting for Glenda and Labour

Guest Blog: ‘Why I’m voting for… Ed Fordham’ – Lib Dem supporter on why Ed will be getting his vote

Hustings – @WHampstead’s write up of the London Jewish Cultural Centre hustings, April 22nd

Hampstead & Kilburn: the movie – the voting situation, explained by way of moving pictures. I say, whatever next?

Hustings – @Wild_Sarah on the West Hampstead Library hustings, April 20th

Campaign takes the High Road – posters up, offices open, a song and a dance

Hustings – report from the Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel hustings, March 25th

NW6: the poll results – somewhat surprising mid-March results

NW6: the poll – our very own, hyperlocal poll

Interview: Tamsin Omond – @WHampstead interviews Tamsin

Introducing: Tamsin Omond – ‘mystery candidate’ revealed as young activist, Tamsin Omond

Betting Odds – see how things have changed since these mid-February odds. (Not much, as it happens)

Interview: Chris Philp – Conservative PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn

Interview: Ed Fordham – Liberal Democrat PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn