Kilburn High Road circa 1790

Ed Fordham. You might remember him from such political campaigns as the 2010 General Election, or the unveiling of the AA Milne plaque, or potentially not at all.  What you may not know is that our Ed is also a keen local historian.

On his blog, he frequently uploads bits and bobs from his personal collection. This week, something caught my eye. It’s a map of what is now the A5 (aka Kilburn High Road), drawn in 1790. That is, officially, well old.

What’s especially lovely about this particular map is that it’s marked with ye olde inns; The Black Lion, The Bell, Cricklewood’s The Crown. The wonderfully named Shoot Up Hill even gets a mention.

Also interesting, if you’re that way inclined, is that in the late 18th Century, they spelled it Kilbourn. With an ‘o’, of all things! That’s progress for you.

Anyway, I suggest you check it out by clicking here.


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One response to “Kilburn High Road circa 1790

  1. Nick

    Awesome, my two favourite places! Amersham and Kilbourn!


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