The Tricycle wears Prada

The Tricycle is a proud little arts centre, a beacon of quality off-West End theatre and independent cinema alike, and a real treasure that we’re lucky enough to have on our collective doorstep. In recent weeks, I’ve experienced a whole host of cultural delights there, including the films Agora, Four Lions and Clash of the Titans, and the “rock’n’roll Shakespeare” theatre production of Twelfth Night. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to take advantage of the Tricycle’s many special offers: Monday night films for £5, Thursday and Friday matinees for £4 (including a free cup of tea!), and free theatre for under-26s.

I’m therefore sorry to have to inform you that the Tricycle is now selling its soul to the Devil – you know, that geezer with all the Prada. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe, but believe you shall as you learn that from next Friday, May 28th, the main feature film on show will be Sex and the City 2: Carrie’s Revenge (working title). Not only this, but from the first showing of said cinematic abomination, the cinema’s prices are being hiked: the Friday matinee is going up to £5.50, and the regular price is going from £8 to a whopping £9.50.

I just hope that this is the Tricycle’s way of saying “serves you right” to those shameless people who will be attending screenings of SATC2, and that order will eventually be restored, both in terms of the cinema’s listings and its prices.

I should probably mention, for those of you who quite like the idea of 146 minutes of torture, that the Tricycle has organised a couple of special evenings in honour of the Dark Lord’s return. The first is a grand gala event that Satan himself, aka Kim Cattrall, shall be attending, on Friday 28th May. The price of £24 includes a complimentary cocktail, the movie itself and a Q+A session with Kim. The second is a Cocktails & Cupcakes night, on Wednesday 2nd June, which presumably does what it says on the tin, with the baking bit taken care of by the elves in the Bake-a-boo kitchens.

If you plan to go on any other night, I suggest you arrange to drink some cocktails beforehand anyway. Well, you wouldn’t want to watch the film sober now, would you?



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7 responses to “The Tricycle wears Prada

  1. maybe such headline events help subsidise your cheap tickets the rest of the time and may bring people to the Tricycle who’ve not been before but may go again to its – shall we say “less shallow” offerings.

    • KaySkill

      I agree with whampstead (and yes a group of friends and I will be going on the 2nd).

      I think it’s a case of “needs must” for the Tricycle, it will help them raise much needed funds and bring a bit of community spirit to the whole thing.

      People who go are going to go somewhere to see it anyway. Rather a local independant place with a bit of a social element to it than a soulless multiplex.

  2. WHampstead, KaySkill: I see the logic in your points. Obviously, by showing what will no doubt be a box office smash hit, the Tricycle stands to make some decent cash money. Let’s hope so, anyway.
    But it remains a risky business for small, independent cinemas to enter into direct competition with the multiplexes, with their stadium seating, bigger screens, and that all-important element of choice.
    You need to give people a reason to visit an independent cinema other than just supporting local business, usually with cheaper ticket prices, or ‘alternative’ films.
    Or, I suppose, by putting on a couple of unique events, like the Kim Cattrall Q+A and the Cocktail & Cupcakes night!
    ‘Nuff respect, and I hope you enjoy your evening – let me know how it goes!

  3. Local

    This is a really interesting debate – whether local arts facilities should pander to the mainstream (and perhaps attract some people that might not use the facilities so often as well as raising some money) or should maintain its local, non-multiplex identity.

    I too get perturbed when I see the Tricycle list low-brow films. But it reminds me that they would not do this if people like me supported the Tricycle more.

    In fact, the best thing might be reinvigorate my support – what better time than when they are charging a premium for a movie… do I need to watch the first one to get the plot?

  4. Also I imagine less people go to the cinema in the summer…
    When was the last time they put their prices up?

  5. Lyncroft

    I’ve always wondered why they refuse to give you a coffee instead of tea.

    The seats are really uncomfortable.

    I can see a film in the West End for a tenner.

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