Guest Blog: Why I’m voting for… (part 3)

As most of you will no doubt be aware, in this election, as in all others, there are a number of alternatives to the big three media- and vote-hogging parties. In Hampstead & Kilburn, one of these is Tamsin Omond who, with her fresh approach to political engagement, is proving an attractive prospect to many previously disengaged young voters.

One such supporter is Jess Cole, 21, who grew up in NW8 but more recently made the laudable move across the border to Kilburn Park. Jess met Tamsin earlier in the year, and has since put her skills as an illustrator and photographer to use on Tamsin’s campaign. In this guest blog, she tells us why.

Why I’m voting for… Tamsin Omond and the Commons.

Doing things differently: Jess Cole (middle) with Tamsin (right)

I’ve never had any interest in politics. The political system has always seemed dull and unattractive to me. Living in a city as diverse and hectic as London, with so many distractions to offer, political involvement hasn’t been top of my list.

I’m a North West Londoner, born and bred, and have spent a large portion of my life exploring the area, the places and the people. The lack of a community feel, and any kind of excitement for young people to offer has always been apparent. My friends and I spent much of our youth in local parks, amusing ourselves with cheap thrills before being chased away by angry authorative figures. I never gave much thought to the idea that there could be something much more stimulating on offer, if only someone would take initiative.

After completing my school years, I took an Art foundation course which was fairly uninspiring, so I took off on a years travel. During this time I discovered true community for the first time. Seeing people interacting together, treating each other equally and sharing jobs amongst themselves was incredible – a small village seemed like a big family. So when I returned home, I embarked on a search for this feeling I discovered whilst away.

I met Tasmin briefly at her ‘Pedal Power Protest’, a huge bike ride through London she held in the summer of last year. I was impressed by the huge turn out and enthusiasm of all attendees, and felt grateful for someone having organized such an event. So, when I noticed Tamsin in a local paper, and read that she was running for MP of Hampstead and Kilburn, I felt a strong appreciation and urge to get involved. It’s a great feeling, to know that a young, fresh and inspired person has interest in developing a place that I have many past associations with. Tamsin’s giving locals another option, and providing us with a chance to be a part of a much needed change. As I said before, I’ve never felt inspired by politics – and that’s exactly why I’ve taken an interest in Tamsin’s campaign.


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