Guest Blog: Why I’m voting for… (part 2)

The second instalment in this pre-election guest blog series comes courtesy of David Lewy, 26, who has been living at the upper end of Kilburn for the past year. David has recently joined Glenda Jackson on the campaign trail, and here explains why he’s backing her, and the Labour Party, to be re-elected come May 6th.

Why I’m voting for… Glenda Jackson and the Labour Party.

When David met David

Let me say at the outset that although I am a Labour Party member, I don’t claim to be representing the Labour Party – these views are all my own.

I will be voting Labour because my life is better than it was 13 years ago, and the country is a better place to live, too. I don’t pretend that the Labour Government has been perfect but it represents the values I believe in – equality, social justice and opportunity for all.  I will be voting Labour because they are still the best hope of creating a fair and equal society, despite what Nick Clegg might think.

I will be voting Labour because I don’t want change for change’s sake. When I met David Miliband on his visit to Hampstead and Kilburn a few weeks ago, he hit the nail on the head: he described how the Conservative Party’s head and their heart are not in the same place. Cameron claims he has changed his party, and they might think in their heads that they have changed, but deep down in their hearts they are still the party of Thatcher, tax breaks for the rich and want to lead the UK to the marginal fringes of Europe.  I will be voting Labour because their head and heart are in the same place – looking out for ordinary hard-working families in this constituency and beyond. When I was out campaigning in Kensal Rise last week, there was a strong level of support for Labour and a striking aversion to the prospect of Cameron and Osborne running the country.

I will be voting for Glenda Jackson because she has been an independently minded MP who is not your average career politician. She is not afraid to vote against her party when she disagrees with them – exactly the sort of person I want as my MP. I will be voting Labour because a vote for any other party in this constituency will result in a Tory MP and possibly a Tory government.

George Osborne running the economy as we recover from a recession? No thanks. Times are tough and many families face real challenges as the impact of the global recession is felt across the country, but I had to laugh when Cameron said in the first leaders debate that “there isn’t a family that hasn’t had to make cut backs”. How about yours, Dave? It is never right to slash and burn our public services as the Tories would do. I want a government that cuts the deficit in a sensible and measured way.

I will be voting Labour because, as Eddie Izzard argues, this is a brilliant country. I won’t let the Tories tell me that Britain is broken – that’s not the country I recognise locally in Hampstead and Kilburn or across the land.

I will be voting for Labour because I don’t believe that public sector workers deserve to be labelled as waste. I think they do a great job serving Britons with schools, healthcare and other services. I am voting Labour because as the son of an immigrant, unlike the Tories I believe that immigration has enriched our culture and economy – just look at how vibrant and varied Hampstead and Kilburn is. That’s why I enjoy living here, and want to carry on doing so with a Labour MP representing me.


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