Guest Blog: Why I´m voting for…

Many people will be leaving the choice of who they vote for up until the last minute, when they set foot inside the polling booth itself, but others will have long–since decided. This series of guest blogs aims to provide an insight into the minds of these decisive party champions. And by the way, it’s not preachy, it’s politics.

Kicking the series off is Jack Holroyde, 24, who lives on the South Kilburn Estate, and whose (self proclaimed) “defection to party politics” seems to have accompanied his move to the area from Twickenham. Jack is a keen supporter of the Lib Dems, recently helping Ed Fordham on the campaign trail.

Why I´m voting for… Ed Fordham and the Liberal Democrats.

Winning here... Jack Holroyde

It would be so easy to talk about Nick Clegg’s performance in debate. About Labour’s failings, Cameron’s ‘dinosaurs in the closet’, his ‘Big Society’ assumptions, or about Brown’s surveillance state.

I could say, vote X, get Y.
Or vote Y, to keep X out.
Or vote Z, in order to get Y an overall majority in the commons.
Or being told that X is rubbish, so I HAVE to vote Y.

Truth is, I’m utterly sick of being told who to vote for and what’s wrong with ‘X party’.

I’ll tell you why I am voting Liberal Democrat, and why I am proud that Ed Fordham is the LibDem candidate.

I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining minutae of national policy – I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions from the manifesto.

I’m going to vote for the LibDems because I believe that the way things are is NOT how they need to be. Because I believe in fairness – and I believe that the party can deliver that.
I’m going to vote for the LibDems because I believe that an MP works for their people – and never again should we see the corruption and greed we’ve uncovered over the last few years.

Working with Ed is a pleasure.
I’m going to vote for him because I believe that he can make being his constituent a pleasure.

When I saw Ed learning a speech in Somali, so that doors could be opened and a hand extended to this deeply insular minority group, I knew I was working with a man who would always stand up for those with little public voice – not just to win votes, but to ensure social cohesion, freedom from ignorance, conformity or fear.

I know that Ed will work tirelessly for this community, that he will extend a hand where it needs extending, that when he sees intolerance, he will highlight it, try to understand it, and work to make things better – not out of oneupmanship, but out of a desire to do some good for those that need it most.

I will vote for Ed Fordham of the Liberal Democrats because I have hope.

I hope that we can have long lasting, sustainable economic growth, based on sound principles and an understanding of the need to tackle climate change – fast.
I hope that people disengaged from politics will see it reformed – fast.
I hope that children will have a fair start at school.

I hope that the people of Hampstead & Kilburn can see for themselves what a hardworking, local MP can do for them – and that on May 6th, they will give Ed Fordham of the Liberal Democrats a mandate to represent them in Parliament.


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  1. Local

    Ed Fordham was an officer at the Local Government Association (the LGA) which exists as an umbrella body to coordinate work between councils. Interestingly, the LGA, which is funded by 99% of councils (with our taxes), has resisted attempts to become a public body that is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. What does this mean? It means that EF worked in an organisation that is run with our money, but we can never see his detailed expenses there, we can never have detailed papers on their policies revealed. The LGA cultivates secrecy, and is a place where councils can write down and say what they want because we can never know. It is silly that we can know the cost of running the lifts in Willesden Green Library under the FOI Act, but cannot know the rent paid on the LGA headquarters, which are a 5 min walk from the Houses of Parliament!

    I found EF’s accounts of his trip to Israel to be utterly anodyne. He seems to be loathe to take a position. Most people are in favour of poor people being able to be free and have jobs. But EF is standing in an area where actually saying anything against Israel is difficult if you want to appeal to the whole electorate. Thus, he says nothing much at all.

    I share Jack’s aspirations for children and the economy – but I have to ask why he thinks that one new MP will be able to solve these problems.

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