Hampstead & Kilburn: the movie

I’m sure you don’t need reminding that our new constituency of Hampstead & Kilburn is one of the most marginal in the country, and a key election target for all three major parties. You’re no doubt having to wade through piles of propagandist leaflets each morning as you step out of your front door, only to be met by groups of chirpy campaigners, firing further leafleted ammunition at you. It’s a jungle out there, but you are not alone.

Nathan Williams is an award-winning freelance TV producer, working on shows including Horizon and Battlefield Britain. More importantly, of course, he also happens to be a proud Kilburn resident. As such, he has turned his experienced hand to producing a short video about Hampstead & Kilburn, with the sole intention of giving you, the confused voter, a clear picture of the current voting situation in the constituency. In Nathan’s own words, “I made the film out of exasperation at the seemingly incompatible claims I kept getting through my letter box so I thought I’d find out the truth.” I reckon he’s done a mighty fine job of it. See for yourself:

To find out more about Nathan’s work, or to get in touch with him, just visit his website. You can also follow Nathan on Twitter.



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4 responses to “Hampstead & Kilburn: the movie

  1. Jack Holroyde

    Excellent! I like it, and not just because it favours Ed.
    Bearing in mind the non-partisan nature of this blog, I was wondering if you knew that Philp has used it in his latest leaflet?

    With ‘evidence’ from this blog – and the logo/front page.

    I am getting rather sick of the desperate dirty tricks, lately….

  2. Richard Laming

    Also, note that the election result the Conservatives quote on their leaflet (from the London Assembly elections) comes from a different electoral system – list PR – under which people were more likely to vote for minor parties (such as the Greens) who might win seats too. In fact, 25% of the vote went to those parties, as did 3 out of the 11 seats. It is extremely unlikely that such a high proportion of the vote will go to minor parties in a general election, which uses First Past The Post and treats votes for minor parties as essentially wasted. Neglecting the difference that the electoral system makes to the way in which people tend to vote makes the basis for the Conservative claim that it is between them and Labour in this seat even more questionable.

    However, what IS true, though, is that if the Conservatives are to win an overall majority in the House of Commons, they have to win seats like Hampstead and Kilburn. That may be why they are blurring the difference between the national and the local position in their leaflets.

    Such a pity that the electoral system forces people to guess how everyone else might be thinking of voting before making their own decision how to vote: it would be so much better if we had a system that allowed people simply to vote for what they believed in knowing that all votes count.

  3. Local

    The latest conservative leaflet just dropped in through my door. Inside was a BNP leaflet.

    Either there are not enough conservative volunteers and they are having to use a company to deliver these (which is making a fast buck by delivering for the BNP as well, inserting one into the folding conservative leaflet for ease of delivery)


    the conservatives are reviving their racist past.

    In any case, it does not look good for them.

  4. Jack Holroyde

    Local – I got that as well.
    As did someone in Frognal who, rather disgusted, passed it on to us!

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