I <3 NW6

It should come as no surprise to learn that I love NW6. If you are in any way shocked by this revelation, then you have surely misunderstood the entire point of this blog.

But we, the enlightened NW6-loving few/many (delete as appropriate), are not alone in our postcodal obsession. In fact, there’s an entire movement – well, an online store/blog combo – dedicated to this kinky hyperlocal fetish.

"my boyfriend moved to NW6 and all I got was this AWESOME t-shirt"

The chirpy people over at ilovemypostcode.com asked both myself and my fellow NW6 blogger @WHampstead if we wouldn’t mind contributing to their growing catalogue of postcode guides. Time-rich (but money-poor) as we are, we obliged.

To see the fruits of our labour, just click here. Magic.



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2 responses to “I <3 NW6

  1. Sadly I’m NW2. A bizarre anomaly, an island of NW2 surrounded by NW6 streets.

  2. Полезный идиот

    Me too, but alas was priced out of London, never mind fair NW6, where I lived for 8 years

    I must also say that (one evening rush hour on the met line) it is the only place I have ever seen anyone declare love to by way of a tattoo. This bloke sitting opposite me had one that read “NW6 KILBURN” across his knuckles.

    Way to go.

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