Hampstead & Kilburn – who wins, you decide

With the general election looming, the papers are already packed full of polls, aiming both to gauge public opinion, and of course to stir up some headlines. Unfortunately, these polls tend to be rather unhelpful. For a start, as different polling companies use different methods, you can get polls conducted on the same day producing completely different results. Also, due to the nature of the first-past-the-post system and the country being split into its various constituencies, when polls present their results as an overall percentage share, this doesn’t necessarily reflect how many seats will be won by each party.

So forget ICM, YouGov, Populus and the rest – I bring you NW6: the poll. Now, before anyone points this out to me, I am fully aware that most people following this blog are residents of NW6 – I mean, that’s kind of the point – whereas the constituency of Hampstead & Kilburn contains other postcodes too, with different demographics and voting tendencies. I also realise that those who vote on the following poll are not truly representative of even the whole population of NW6.

Having said all that, everyone likes a good poll, right? So I present you with one all of your own. For accuracy’s sake, I would ask that you only vote if you’re a current resident of the Hampstead & Kilburn constituency. Otherwise, the already dodgy results will be somewhat skewed. In the true spirit of democracy, tell your friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances to vote too; the more who do, the more accurate the results will be. Duh.

The question is, if the election were to be held today, who would you vote for? Polls are open until 13:30 Friday 12th March. Results will be published soon after this time. Happy voting!

While you’re at it, why not let @WHampstead know what you based your decision on? The local candidate? The bigger Party picture? Maybe something else entirely… Follow this link to vote.


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One response to “Hampstead & Kilburn – who wins, you decide

  1. Nice idea for a bit of fun, but I hope nobody’s using this for canvass data!

    *waits for results with bated breath*

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