Tamsin Omond: Eco-Queen – MP

She’s a Cambridge graduate with a first class degree in English, she’s scaled the House of Commons to protest against a third runway at Heathrow, and she still fancies the idea of one day becoming a priest, but her most significant achievement could well take place this summer, as Tamsin Omond stands for election here in Hampstead & Kilburn.

Miss Climate Change

Having made a name for herself as a passionate, savvy, even sexy climate change activist, she now wants to take on the Man from the inside. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Tamsin is a one-cause candidate, and it has already been pointed out that she may actually do both herself and the Green party – with which she is in no way affiliated – more harm than good, by splitting the green vote.

It has also been said already, with reason, that realistically she and her new Commons Party stand little chance of victory in the upcoming election. It is interesting that she chose this constituency, her long-time home, above all others nationwide to stand in, when she potentially could have found a seat more sympathetic to her cause. She must feel that voters in the key marginal seat of Hampstead & Kilburn will be sympathetic enough. Either that, or she wants to create a stir by standing against a high-profile, but vulnerable Glenda Jackson.

Voting for an independent candidate – which Tamsin effectively is, despite running under the ‘Commons Party’ banner – is a risky strategy. Even if the candidate is successful, their voice in parliament is very small, and their power to effect real change not particularly significant. It can be a positive thing when the independent is a bastion of the community, representing local interests on a major scale, but in this case it is clear that Tamsin has a one-track-mind, and so her green cause would probably take precedent over other pressing matters.

Still, it will be interesting to see whether this is a serious move into grown up politics for the young activist, or merely an expensive marketing ploy for her eco-friendly cause.



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2 responses to “Tamsin Omond: Eco-Queen – MP

  1. sheila bradford

    At last we have somebody (Tasmin) who is genuinely interested in our environment in London. She will be in my thoughts on Polling Day and I wish her all the luck in the world.

    If you have a contact number for her I would be grateful so that I can then let her know why she is so valuable.

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