The times they are a-changin’

There’s a lot of dross on the internet. This is a well-established fact. Every now and then, however, you can strike gold. Not literally, unfortunately, but you get the idea. Earlier today, I came across a collection of photographs showing locations in West Hampstead and Kilburn as they are today (well, in 2007), and as they once were. It’s amazing to see how much some places have changed, and how entirely recognizable are others. I’ve picked out a few of my favourites for your viewing pleasure.

1. West Hampstead tube station, opened in 1879, can be seen on the left. It was originally part of the Metropolitan line, then the Bakerloo line, and eventually on the Jubilee, as it is today.

2. What is now West Hampstead police station used to be the stately Berridge House.

3. West Hampstead fire station was opened in 1901. The building may not have changed much, but the equipment sure has.

4. On the corner of Quex and Kingsgate Roads there once stood an impressive Wesleyan chapel. It’s now a block of flats.

5. This is a photo of Kilburn High Road station, circa 1906.

6. Emmanuel School on Mill Lane.

7. Some dapper folk waiting for a train at West Hampstead in 1937.

8. Now simply called The Lion, the Old Black Lion public house is shown here as it would have been in 1896.

9. And finally, Finchley Road station in 1903. Not so much traffic back then.

Well, there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I have. I’ll continue my internet-searching for other such wonderful nostalgia. If you have any interesting material that you’d like to share with the world, or know of some good sites where it can be found, do let me know!

Click here for the whole collection.



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2 responses to “The times they are a-changin’

  1. Ruth

    They are so beautiful! And they make the modern locations so much more interesting. Will never look at that building by Finchley Road tube in the same way again – it’s virtually unchanged…

  2. Wow that’s edumucational and everyfink. Loving your work.

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