The Tesco Saga: Part 1

Supermarket giant Tesco is getting on people’s nerves. I know, what’s new, ey? Well, it turns out that Tesco isn’t just responsible for providing a wide range of quality products at low low prices, but we can also thank them for our traffic problems. Gee, thanks for nothing, Tesco…

The Conservative party’s parliamentary candidate, Chris Philp, has made a great song and dance about this (not literally unfortunately, but fingers crossed). When the Tesco lorries pull up for a delivery, they stop on double yellow lines and cause tail-backs. Honking, beeping, and other road-related unpleasantness ensues. It seems that even a mighty £40 parking fine doesn’t stop the trucks, as it’s part of their delivery budget. So campaigners are suggesting fines of up to £1,000.

Happy-go-lucky Philp and pals

To add insult to injury, Tesco are planning to open a store in the brand spanking new development on Fortune Green Road, a whole ten minutes walk away from the one on West End Lane.

Artist's Impression

Needless to say, people aren’t happy with these plans, especially the local Lib Dem councillors. In order to discuss these Tesco-related issues, Aidan Doyle, head honcho at Walnut, is hosting a public meeting in his restaurant, tonight at 8pm. I’ll be there to report, and will update you all with a blog entry tomorrow, but feel free to come along if you like!

Alternatively, the critically acclaimed – not to mention controversial – Precious is showing at the Tricycle tonight for a mere £5 – bargain. Screenings at 18:20 and 20:45. I’d love to go, but duty calls…



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2 responses to “The Tesco Saga: Part 1

  1. Nick

    I hear that Precious is meant to be amazing… NwSix – you are a matyr to the cause.

  2. David

    wow, i hate tescos, ruining our highstreets and putting small buisnesses out of…buisness

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