Welcome to NW6. Please drive safely.

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Finally, a blog that meets all our Kilburn+West Hampstead+other bits needs! Um, what needs were they again?”

Exactly! So we’re agreed, this blog is inherently a good thing. Its very existence is testament to the fact that NW6 is a postcode on the up; it’s going places, making waves.

get with the wicked

The old Roman road (you can tell because it’s so straight) lies at the heart of our beloved area. From the Westbury to the North London Tavern, and from that really big Sainsburys to the much smaller one, Kilburn is an area of extremes. With kRazy Kamden on one side, and boring brent (just kidding, you guys are alright) on the other, we lucky residents are truly blessed.

So stay tuned for whatever I can be bothered to write about, but be safe in the knowledge that it’ll have something to do with this little piece of heaven that I call home.

If you’re scared, lonely or just looking for a pal, come on down to NW6 – where everybody knows your name.


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